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giy: NOYOU CA-

dev: haha ragdoll game go brrrrr

I decided to check my page and noticed u were following me and was like "why is someone following me????? I havent made anything" lmao
and cool game, I'll ceck it when I get the time


I wanna work with you for make an OS X  game in obj-c++.


Dude, that would actually be pretty rad, is there a particular library that you are looking to use?  Just curious why obj-c++ rather than just c++? 


I finally made a video on your game. I really enjoyed it, but I did come across a few issues that I didn't know how to fix. I'll keep up to date on your game to see the progress of it though!

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^ . ^

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Hey thank you so much for posting this!  Is it okay if I link to your video on the game's website?

And I know it still has some bugs in it, I'm working to get them fixed and I apologize about that.


I apologize for getting back to you so late, but you're more than welcome of putting my video on the game's website. I will do my best to keep with your game and see the progress it will go on.

^ . ^


yea thanks for follow sid!!

Hey man, thanks for the follow. Hope you tried my game, can you share your thoughts please :)

I downloaded your game but at the end of the setup it gave me an error:

Let me know if I can help.

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Interesting, this is the first time I've seen that one.  If you go into the install folder in Program Files is the file there?


you stupid

Thanks for the follow,  Sid!

Hey absolutely, glad to connect!

Hey Sid, I noticed you deleted my previous post! A bit curious as to why. Did I do something wrong?

I can't think of any reason why I would have deleted your post, are you sure I deleted it?


I guess I'm not sure. It got deleted but not by me. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Hey no worries

Thanks for following me! Ill try your game

Hey thanks! Make sure to Run As Administrator on Windows or you'll get stuck on the main menu.  

Hi, i try your game soon!! thx for the follow.

Hey not a problem, just make sure to Run As Administrator, a lot of people have been having problems with that lately.  :/

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Thanks for the follow! I followed you too. Also,I really want to play this, but sadly my platform is windows and no apple and I can't run exe, lol😢😢😢

How come you can't run exe?  

Don't know. I use adobe dreamweaver to run  exe files.

exe is the standard executable program file type for Windows, it should run without any other software.

Hi! thanks for the follow!

Hi Thanks for the follow :) You can follow me here


What music????

? I'm not sure I understand the question.

Appreciate the follow!

Absolutely, glad to connect!


Ohh My God, Screenshots are looking dope, going to play this game now! 

Awesome, would love to hear what you think!  

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Thanks for the follow!😃😃😃

Hey definitely, I dig your games! :)

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Thanks for the follow man

Absolutely, glad to connect!


Thanks for the follow!

No problem!

Is beautiful

Thank you I really appreciate that!


hello i have sent you an e-mail please read it this may help your game.



yo this looks awesome


Thanks a bunch for the follow

Absolutely!  happy to connect!


I saw music so I clicked really fast... I play 3 instruments so yeah...

haha that's awesome what three instruments?  Yeah I make quite a bit of music myself so that's why I felt like I had to make this game!

Well, the game didn't work so yeah... I play bass , guitar and drums.

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What didn't work if you don't mind me asking?  I've tested it on quite a few platforms and a number of friends have as well, did you make sure to Run As Administrator on Windows?

Have you played Desert Fury?

I haven't tried it yet, all of my PC's are really slow so I usually play games on my Macbook, it looks really interesting though!

Added mac port

I downloaded it and tried it, I left a comment on the game page!

Thanks for the constructive feedback! I'll be trying out this game shortly.


Thanks for following us :) 

Hey definitely!



Thank you for the follow, I have followed you back.

I read your description of your game and I'm really interested in it. As a YouTuber, I'd like to make a video of your game if I have your permission to do so :)

Have a good day!

That would be awesome if you did a video!  I just posted a big update, so that would be really cool.  Can you just post a link if you do make a video?  Thank you so much!


Thank you for getting back to me!

I'll definitely make a video on your game and I'll post a link once the video is live. Thank you for giving me permission to do so. I'll hopefully get the video up in the next couple of days.

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Absolutely!  Really excited to see it!

You could add a gameplay trailer of  your game so that many people will find it attractive and will play your game.
The concept of the game looks cool though.

You're right, I do need to put together a trailer.  I might do that as soon as I get the next update finished!

Great :)


Hi thanks for the following friend, looks awesome your game :) i will play 


Thank you I appreciate that, it's still a work in progress, I have a big update I might upload later today!

Thanks for becoming my first follower,and I hope to make friend with you(this  is a such awesome game)

I was also followed!

Now that I have a follower, maybe I should publish something on Itch


It's always a good time to publish something!

Thank you!  I hope to keep making it better so keep in touch!

why did you follow me? what do you want from me?


I just wanted to be your friend my guy.


Thanks for following me, and cool game man!


Thanks man I appreciate that!




dev haha game go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


dev haha game go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


just downloaded this.  crazy crazy cool design.  ive never played anything like this before.  hope you keep working on it.


Wanted to try it out since your description was promising a lot and I also enjoy music focused games but I was unable to play. When the game finishes downloading, the executable is not automatically found by the installer so you have to manually launch the game from the install folder. Once I had gotten it working, the menu was rather confusing since I didn't know I could shoot the blocks. Also, the new game doesn't seem to work, it just goes to a loading screen and then returns to the main menu.

Hope you keep developing the game so I can see what you were going for.

Deleted 3 years ago

Hey man, so I just realized what the issue is.  If you installed into Program Files and you don't have Windows set to automatically 'Run As Administrator' you will need to right click and set it to run that way when opening the game.  Let me know if you still have problems with it after that, I'll try to see if I can fix the installer later today.

So I just tried to play it again doing what you recommended and got the game to work.

First off, the camera is way too close to the player model when you are in the city area and I cant control the camera with my mouse.

Since this is a twin stick shooter, maybe make the right or left stick control the camera rotation. (assuming there's no enemies in the city to fight)

Also, the enter key is an awkward key to use when you need to perform actions in the game. I would probably use F or E so its easier for the user to pick things up or open doors without having to move their hands.

Once I got inside a building I killed one of the baddies with a health bar over their head and they dropped some spinning colorful thing. Once I tried to pick it up, the game crashed.

Overall, I'd say the game needs a lot of work but I can see see what you are going for and I think it has potential.

So the game is definitely intended to be played with a controller, the shoulder buttons would control the camera rotation.  I made some changes yesterday to the music system which I was worried would cause it to crash when picking up items, unfortunately its really hard to test in Unreal because the editor will play the game fine, and then it crashes in packaging without giving any kind of indications to why.  

It is an early release but I definitely think these kind of bugs are unacceptable,  I am hoping to have them all fixed in the next week since that's the submission deadline for IGF.  

I'll fix the camera as well, I agree it is a little close and I cant really remember why I didn't bother fixing it. 

Sorry for all the problems, hate to find out about them this way but it's a good learning experience.

Not a problem at all, I am perfectly satisfied knowing that I helped improve your game.